At Just Happy Hounds, offers daycare with training, K9 CGC, Urban CGC and Puppy S.T.A.R program. We also specialize in behavioral issues.

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Just Happy Hounds has a comprehensive dog training program that includes the basic fundamentals to advanced.  No matter what your dog behavior concerns are, we can work with you and your dog to train or correct bad habits.  Our Individual Dog Training Sessions are designed for those who want one-on-one individual training for their dog.

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Individual Training
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Let your dog spend some one-on-one time with Ladele, our dedicated dog trainer.  Often called the "dog whisperer," if your dog can learn it, we can teach them.
Sorry ... we can not teach them to clean house or do the dishes – or drive car pool.

Advanced Training
Our Advanced Individual Dog Training Session at Just Happy Hounds allows the owner to drop off their pet for one day of accelerated individual dog training

Our Advanced Individual Dog Training Session allows the owner to drop off their pet for one day of accelerated individual dog training with the dog trainer.  During the session, we will focus on basic obedience (on leash), heel, sit, down, stay, come and owner-specific needs.  A respect transference session is conducted when you pick up your dog.

Strength Training
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Strengthening sessions give your dog a paw up on overall training.  In these sessions, we discuss maximizing the results from any training routine.  Strength training is highly recommended for all dogs attending Puppy Preschool and Fundamental Dog Obedience Training classes.  Each session runs 30-45 minutes and must be scheduled.

Training Education
Puppy Training Classes continue at Just Happy Hounds dog daycare and boarding center in Birmingham. The puppies are already learning simple commands and we

Ongoing Dog Training Education Classes are designed for clients experiencing persistent problems – old or new – with dogs 8 months or older who have completed any basic level training course.  We concentrate on reliable attention from pet to owner and employ play training technique during these sessions.  You and your pet attend one designated  education class per week for up to 12 months.

Resort & Boarding Dog Training Programs

Resort & Boarding Dog Training Programs are available at Just Happy Hounds which include 6 dog training sessions per day, boarding and doggie daycare along with a bath at the end of your stay.


Resort Training I & II focus on the following commands:  sit, down, stand, come, here, leave-it, off, wait, hey (attention) and stay.  These programs also addresses basic canine/owner respect, trust and love issues and includes four 30-minute strengthening sessions as well as six training session per day.  Resort Training I is a one-week program and you can choose the second 2-week course after completing the first – offering more in-depth training or to address challenges due to temperament or age.  Each dog/owner will have enjoy a 30-45 minute respect transference session at the conclusion of the boarding period, by appointment  Enrollment covers all training, boarding, day care and bath in time for graduation.


Three and four-week boarding programs, Detailed Resort Training I & II focuse on reliable behaviors like sit, down, stand, wait, hey (attention), walking on a loose leash, leave it, take-it, heel and come in addition to long distance recall, sit and down on recall and moving commands.  We address all basic canine/owner respect, trust and love issues as well as owner specific needs.  We also introduce concrete commands (stay becomes obsolete).  After completing the 3-week session, owners can choose to graduate to the 4-week session for specific needs and more in-depth training.  Strengthening sessions, six daily training sessions, boarding, day care and bath are included with enrollment along with a respect transference session, by appointment.



Respect Transference Sessions are a necessary part of any Resort & Boarding Dog Training Program.  After being a part of your dog's life every day - training, feeding, laying and socializing with him or her for at least seven days, your dog will definitely become attached to his or her trainer.  During these 45-minute sessions, we will show you how to transfer respect from "pet to trainer" to "pet to pet parent(s)".


During dog training workshops, discussions include such topics as preparing for a new baby, kids and pets, reliable recall, integrating new pets into the home, pet first aid and more.  Topics are constantly evolving and cover a wide range of subjects from seminar to seminar.  These interactive sessions encourage participants to ask questions and explore topics of interest to all.  Training seminars are just a small part of training offered at Just Happy Hounds.  our experienced dog trainers can you determine the right starting program for your dog.


Temperament testing is important for your dog to get the most our of their stay or training at Just Happy Hounds.  We spend time with your dog to give them opportunity to react to other dogs and various handlers at different times of the day to get a comprehensive sense for what programs and play time are best for your dog.  Not all dogs get along with other dogs ... we know that.  Temperament testing allows us to also make sure that we put dogs together in groups that will most like play well together.  This process can take the better part of a day while we assess your dog in different settings.