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A few words from two of our favorite clients.

"Just Happy Hounds or Bust"

I have seen several pictures lately where people have had their dogs groomed at different places and their dogs have been cut, hurt and actually blood has been drawn.

There is only place that I allow to groom my dogs... that is Just Happy Hounds... contact Sarah Popowski Mills and she can give you all the details you need.

My Skyrah has been to other groomers, and has come back scared to death, and with a horrible hack job. When I take her to the groomers at Just Happy Hounds she comes back all happy, relaxed, and actually acts like a Diva. She will never go any place else.

Skyrah was badly abused as a puppy. She actually had her leg and tail cut off by some horrible teenage boys. The groomers at Just Happy Hounds take their time... they make sure she is comfortable with everything they are doing to her. They love on her, and let her know that they are not going to hurt her.

So if you are looking for the best for your dog you will not regret taking them to Just Happy Hounds for grooming, a day of fun and play... or to leave while you go on a trip. Believe me you will not have to worry about your furbaby while they are at JHH.

I have actually told my husband that I want to go to Just Happy Hounds for a weekend of fun and play. You need to go check them out. They don't just have staff there they have well trained individuals who don't only know dogs, but they love them.

Both my dogs love it there. But be prepared they will be tired, because they don't leave the dogs in runs, they do activities with them.. and they keep them busy. At the same time making sure they are safe, getting plenty of water, and loved on by many.... during the summer they even do water play.

Give them a call, and go check out Just Happy Hounds!!! Your dog will love you even more for doing so.

-Cheryl Pospy

"It's Not Bragging if it's True"

Ladale Kennedy is the best dog trainer we've worked with.  Ladale has helped us train over 10 dogs in the past 2 1/2 years.  Ladale uses his wealth of knowledge to get to the root of the behavioral issue that we are experiencing and provides us with effective methods to get the results we want.  He is patient and willing to share his knowledge with us so that we can see great results with our dogs.  With Ladale, we have been able to successfully train a dog for service and have helped numerous foster dogs re-homed.  We've recommended him to all our friends and work associates - you won't find a better trainer!  - Amy and Brad Steenwyk

"Thirty Years = A Lot of Dogs"


5 Star Facebook Review by Dona Bonnett.  I met with the new dog trainer yesterday at Just Happy Hounds and he gave me some great advice for my Copper!  Ladale has over 30 years experience training dogs and he loves what he does - he truly loves dogs and wants them to be all they can be.  I highly recommend Ladale and Just Happy Hounds for training your pup to be all he/she can be!

"Daycare is the Best"

We have been taking our dog here for over a year now.  She absolutely loves it.  She gets excited whenever we ask her if she is ready "to go to daycare".  They love taking care of our pup and do a great job. definitely recommend, especially those working close by at UAB and Children's. - Taylor

"So Much Fun ... they Passed Out"

It was my first time leaving my 2 babies at day care but everyone was so great and welcoming! As I filled out paperwork and people came in to drop off their dogs, each dog was greeted by name. They did a temperament test to determine which play groups my dogs should go in...and obviously it worked because they've both been passed out since 8pm! Even the puppy who doesn't believe in sleep! We will definitely be back and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a doggy day care!  - Samantha Rae, 5 Stars

"She Made the Facebook Page"

Aurora always seems to have fun at Just Happy Hounds! While we were on vacation, she was well cared for and happy! I loved seeing pictures on Facebook of her playing and enjoying herself! Thank you! - Stephanie

Mollie-Michelle Linton 2015-08-05-250px

The Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Another night, another exhausted puppy. Thanks Just Happy Hounds! Mollie loves spending the day with you. Michelle Linton (Facebook comment)

"Domino is the Man!"

Thank you soooo much for your kindness this afternoon! What a beautiful facility and amazing staff you have! Thank you so much for taking the time to comfort me and make Domino feel so safe and comfortable! I swear, he was a different doggie after just a few minutes interacting with the staff! I know he will do great with Y'all. I can't really express how much I've grown to love this little guy. I think you will understand soon, though. He has so much love to give. Thank you so much for helping us make him 'ready to adopt!' And thank you for putting up with my blubbering self today... Y'all are the best!!! - Wendy Michelle Montealegre (Facebook comment)

"Training, Grooming, Daycare:  They're all the Best!"

Just Happy Hounds is awesome.  It is so clean!  Sarah, Fran and the rest of the staff are very friendly and accommodating to people and pets.  It's obvious they love what they do and I know how much they love my dogs.  They have enough space to fit a variety of price points, they have great packages and specials, and they do a fantastic job grooming.  Anthony is a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable trainer.  I recommend without hesitation.  5 star rating (Samantha Smith)

My yorkie loves going to Just Happy Hounds.  The staff is so wonderful and caring.  I know he is always safe there and he loves everyone there.  He is so excited when I drop him and exhausted when from his day.  Just Happy Hounds has been such a blessing to our family.  Give them a try and I promise you won't be disappointed.  5 star rating (LaBrena Friend Jackson)

My little one, Babygirl, seemed to do just fine at her first visit on her Birthday. She turned two what a better way to spend the day playing. Staff were great, place was spotless and pets were happy. Happy Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, I had my precious Skyrah groomed at Just Happy Hounds. Skyrah is a rescue, that had a horrible beginning. She was part of a litter of puppies that teens took a chain saw to. She was the only survivor. After having had over 9 surgeries, losing her leg, and tail, knee replacement our sweet 3 legged dog is doing amazing, other than she has extreme fear of strangers. I tell you this first to say… that yesterday Skyrah did wonderful being groomed and last night she was just her normal happy self at home. Usually after being around strangers, especially being touched, bathed, clipped, nails, etc. she’s very anxious, and stays to herself for several hours after getting home. Not last night she was great. She was actually showing off how pretty she looked. The groomer did an amazing job, best I have ever seen. She was very patient with Skyrah, which was very evident last night. I would like to say thank you to Just Happy Hounds and your wonderful groomer for taking such care of Skyrah yesterday. You will be seeing her again. If you have a dog that needs special care being groomed, and that added touch of love, and patience… plus an amazing groom. Give them a call…you will not be sorry. Also if you need a daycare for your pooch… look no further. This is the place to go. It looks like a real daycare… with amazing handlers, and caregivers not just a vets office with kennels.  (Cheryl Pospy – Skyrah’s Mom)

Swanson loves his new hairdo by JUST HAPPY HOUNDS-Midtown, LLC! We can’t wait for his puppy class on Saturday!  (Jason Morales)

Swanson and me getting his puppy class completion certificate at graduation at Just Happy Hounds Doggie Daycare-Dog Training-Dog-Trainer-Puppy Classes #puppytrainingclassWe've been searching for adorable puppy training for Swanson for months.  Finally, we came across Just Happy Hounds and the rest is history.  Swanson is a 5 lb. morkie who loves to play...or so we thought.  Through the four week puppy class with Anthony at JHH, we learned that Swanson is actually a little (or a lot) anti-social around other dogs.  Thankfully, JHH offers a top notch day care that is both affordable and reliable.  In fact, I just picked Swanson up from doggy daycare and he was asleep in the car before we even got home.  Now, we have a (somewhat) social pup who is also well behaved.  If you're looking for a great facility with staff who loves your dog as much as you do, and is also super great at what they do, go check out JHH!  You won't be disappointed.  Kelly P. Yelp Review (Swanson's Mom)

LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  I can't say enough good things about Just Happy Hounds.  The handlers are so personable and tell me about my dog's day, who he played with, how he acted.  You can tell they really care about your furbabies.  My pooch comes home exhausted, happy, and clean.  He's sad to leave each day.  Anthony and Fran are excellent and you can tell they really care about their clients 🙂 Sarah is a great manager, very involved and communicative.  They have a vet onsite several days a week.  I was worried about kennel cough so I called to get my dog checked and the vet called me back right away to assure me that he was symptom free.  The dogs play all day and are also taken on group walks where they can be out in the community.  They post pictures on facebook so you can see your dog enjoying his day.  The prices are well below their competitors and they also open earlier (at 6am, others don't open until 7am) which is great for the surrounding network of healthcare workers.  Please use Just Happy Hounds for all your doggie's needs!  Laura T.

Swanson New Hairdo-500px



Swanson loves his new hairdo by JUST HAPPY HOUNDS-Midtown, LLC! We can't wait for his puppy class on Saturday! — Jason Morales.

Our two babies(14 year old Schnauzer and a 4 year old Westie) have been staying at JHH since they opened last year.  Before booking a stay there I visited with the staff and toured the facilities.  I immediately felt that this would be a good experience and we haven't been disappointed since the first stay.  They have been boarded over night(s) and go to day care at least 1-2 times per week.  The babies used to get anxious before boarding other places, they now get excited when I pull into the lot.  They aren't just put in a crate and left all day.  They get exercise outside in the play area or inside when the weather is bad.  The Schnauzer had some health issues last year and the team worked with me to individualize his activity.  They are clean when I pick them up and don't have a kennel smell.  The facility is always clean when I visit.  We love Sara, Fran, Anthony, Beth and all the others who care for the babies.  The location and hours are very convenient; we typically buy a 15 day package for both dogs and get a nice discount. I would highly recommend Just Happy Hounds for your 4 legged family members!  Beverly L.

Thank you all so much for taking good care of my Sheltie, Piper Raine, while I was in town for my mother's surgery at UAB this week. It was so helpful to know that my fur baby was well cared for while we were under high stress. I will definitely recommend you! Thanks again!!  Heather Thompson

Good people. Very accommodating. New to the Birmingham area and very happy to find a daycare my dogs loves.  Kevin K.

Attended the Birmingham Bowl on the way home to Texas on a road trip.  I needed a place to keep our dog during the football game.  The folks at Just Happy Hounds were great.  My dog was actually sad to leave her newly acquainted canine friends.  I would highly recommend Just Happy Hounds!  Bryan Reed

Cooper dog at Just Happy Hounds Doggie Daycare in Birmingham Alabama daycare boarding grooming training

Cooper at Just Happy Hounds, LLC - Midtown

Sarah Popowski Mills and Just Happy Hounds Staff, thank you for treating Cooper like family! You guys are awesome and we appreciate you.  Cooper Daddies love you!  Chris Smith

GREAT film.  Took a tour Friday of another facility in town checking out a dog park.  WOW, JHH you guys are so far ahead of everyone else.  We just need a private dog park, hint hint.  Sandy Lawrence

"Me and the girls (Sasha-black Scottie and Foxy-my Diva Yorkie) had a great time at your place.  We love the haircuts and thanks for the advice on Sasha (with her two abcessed teeth).  She had surgery and did great.  She no longer has the Crusty spots leaking from her tear glands and the hair is growing over the 2 bald spots under her eyes.  Thanks a bunch.  WE WILL BE BACK COME HAIRCUT TIME."  Brenda Angelia Smith-Advanced Buyer, Southern Research Institute

Dona Bonnett & Trouble, rescue dog, after getting groomed at Just Happy Hounds Midtown Birmingham Alabama

Dona Bonnett & Trouble

"We are so pleased with Just Happy Hounds Midtown.  The groomer did a fabulous job on Trouble, our 11 year old rescue dog and we definitely recommend Just Happy Hounds for anyone needing dog grooming, boarding, daycare or training. This is a wonderful new dog facility and the staff is great - thanks so much for taking such good care of my baby!  Dona Bonnett-adr Business & Marketing Strategies

"I just wanted you to know my experience with Just Happy Hounds was amazing!  I have used them 3 times, but my best experience was on a Sunday I had an emergency come up and had to call Sarah on her cell phone and ask could my girls come in early and she said yes.  They are not like any other daycare, they want you to tell them how you want it.  If you have not came in to see Just Happy Hounds, you should you're missing out on the BEST DOGGIE DAYCARE IN BIRMINGHAM!"  Thank you Just Happy Hounds.  Tina

 I love this place. I had both of my miniature schnauzers (Samson and Sophie) groomed yesterday. I was so surprised at how nice of a facility this is, and so close to downtown! I was able to have my husband drop the babies off, and I swung by and picked them up after work. SO convenient and SO nice. Although the pups didn't have a chance to play on the doggy play-ground, I was so impressed by how nice it is, and the tv above the fireplace that show the live video feed of the play-ground lets me know my dog's best interest is always in their mind. We have found our new home for doggy needs.  Joseph Poe

Finn Shannon Brashears Just Happy Hounds Review Testimonial doggie daycare Birmingham Alabama

Finn - a JHH Happy Client!


Thanks Sarah Mills and the JustHappy Hounds Staff for taking such good care of Finn while I was gone to the beach last month!  It was great knowing he was in such good hands!

Good Afternoon!

I am sorry it has taken me a few weeks to get back with you on Goofy’s review.  For one thing, I wanted to have a few weeks under my belt to see how Goofy was doing.  No need to review till I could really see some results over a few weeks.

Well, it is amazing!!! Goofy is a totally different dog.  I have known Anthony for a few years, and he is an amazing trainer.  We have been working with Goofy and the other dogs every so often, but this extended training at Just Happy Hounds did the trick I was needing. A nthony knew that I did not have the patience and or the time to just do the command over and over and over and really figure out why Goofy was a crazy Goofy .

Anthony did wonders and also the rest of your staff at Just Happy Hounds did wonders with my Goofy.  He seems to be a well adjusted dog.  I always take a dog to work with me and most of the time it is Goofy.  Not that Tater and Chico are at (Camp / Training) with Anthony, Goofy is coming every day to work.  Those that know him say this is not the same dog. I now know when Goofy acts up, it is usually not his fault, it is mine because I have not taken the time to get him enough exercise.  So I have really made great strides in getting him walks outside or on the treadmill.  The couple of times I missed for various reasons I knew he would act up just a little more, but not to the extreme it used to be and I just get him up on the treadmill if I am at the house give him a quick walk.

Just Happy Hounds is very lucky to have Anthony, he is amazing and I just do not know how he does, but he is the dog whisperer.  Your whole staff is great and I am already thinking ahead for when Goofy will come back down for boarding / doggie day care or just a refresher day or so when I mess something up 

I cannot think you all enough for helping me with Goofy. He was just about to drive me crazy even though I love him to death. When they are out of control you just can control them and it is not as much fun.  Now it is loads of fun!!!

That first weekend after he came home I took him to the beach and he had a blast and was on very good behavior.  I have some photos of him in his Just Happy Hounds bandana that I will post on facebook soon.  I had trouble with a new Ipad and camera cords, but I just bought the parts to download the photos, so hopefully this weekend I will post beach photos.

By the way, I am taking Goofy back to the beach this weekend and hopefully it will be just as much fun as 2 weeks ago.

You all and especially Anthony are a blessing to me.

Hopefully my Tater and Chico are coming along as well as Goofy did. They are a little more pickup and give hugs spoiled. Love all the photos that are being put out there of them. Keep them coming.

I have been spreading the word about you constantly. Love your business!!!

Let me know if I can do anything.

I will call you next week when I get back in town and put some more money on my account for Tater & Chico.

Have a great evening and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Kim Mason

Beau had his first day of daycare today and loved it! He fell asleep sitting up on the way home!  Pamela Dobbs

My standard poodle, Lewis LOVES to go to doggie day care and spend the night! The staff and groomers are awesome!!  Jamie Geyer Henderson

I love this place. I had both of my miniature schnauzers (Samson and Sophie) groomed yesterday. I was so surprised at how nice of a facility this is, and so close to downtown! I was able to have my husband drop the babies off, and I swung by and picked them up after work. SO convenient and SO nice. Although the pups didn't have a chance to play on the doggy play-ground, I was so impressed by how nice it is, and the tv above the fireplace that show the live video feed of the play-ground lets me know my dog's best interest is always in their mind. We have found our new home for doggy needs.  Joseph Poe

Best groom my sweet boy has received in 7 years! He's picky about his feet being groomed and most groomers skip them. Not here! His paws were purrrrfectly manicured! Weeks later and he still looks great!  Kelly Karell

Murphy usually has no problem getting in the car but after a day at Happy Hounds he kept looking at the play area and trying to get back in, I could hardly coax him in the car. I had to promise to and bring him back the next day. He loves this place!  Natalie Wilson

Great place!!!!!! And the staff is wonderful!!!  Megan Lester Wilson

Great place to leave your pup for daycare or boarding. The staff is amazing and loves dogs. Ellie had so much fun and will definitely be back. Ley Curl