Should I Board My Dog?

lime-doggie-daycare-birminghamAs we approach Spring Break vacation time, many dog owners have a big decision to make on whether to take their dog with them on vacation or to board their dog while they are away and ask themselves, “Should I Board My Dog?”.

Many worry about the trauma of leaving their pet behind, but in many cases, the dog is much happier if he or she is boarded in a center that prioritizes the dog’s well-being and happiness.

Should I Board My Dog?

If your dog goes with you on vacation, there are numerous places that you cannot take your dog; therefore, he or she must stay alone in a hotel room which can be very traumatizing because of being alone in a strange place sometimes for hours while you enjoy the amenities of your own vacation.

When you choose to board your dog at Just Happy Hounds, your dog will be pampered, have the opportunity to play with other dogs, utilize our Athletic Club and sleep on elevated beds from the Sir Winston Suite or the Beach Suite down to our cozy economy suites and have constant interaction with others.

Your dog can enjoy an anxiety-free week enjoying the amenities including the doggie spa and over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play areas.

Here is an article from the Humane Society that we wanted to share with you on decision-making regarding the well-being of your dog during vacation.

Spring Break is a great time to board your pet with us.

Please feel free to callĀ  us at 205.419.3300 and our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through making the right decision for your dog during Spring Break vacation time.

At Just Happy Hounds, we love ’em like you do!


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