Rescue Policy

Every day, we hear and see heart-warming examples of how pet rescue adds quality of life to families and rescue pups.  We can actually sense that these dogs know just how lucky they are to get a second chance at life.  And while we want to be supportive of any effort to give a dog a chance at a happy life, we have to be considerate of all our guests at Just Happy Hounds.  To that end, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines below as it relates to these lucky friends.

IF you are contemplating adopting a rescue pup, we urge you to visit THE GREATER BIRMINGHAM HUMANE SOCIETY, or if you have a particular breed in mind, Google the breed and Birmingham Rescue to explore adoption possibilities. Many of our regular daycare and boarding guests are rescues.

1.   Previously sheltered and rescued canines must have been released from a shelter at least 30 days before they may enter the Just Happy Hounds.

WHY?  We don’t mean to inconvenience our friends who rescue pets, because we love them all. but for the protection of all of Just Happy Hounds patrons, we requires that your rescue has been out of a rescue facility for a minimum of 30 days.  Our Quality Assurance Standards have adopted this policy for the safety and health of all our guests.

2.   If the canine is six months or older, he/she must have all adult vaccines & two doses of Bordatella vaccine two weeks prior to entering the Just Happy Hounds facility and be free of intestinal parasites.

3.   If the canine is less than six months of age, and has been in a shelter, he/she must have two doses of Distemper/Parvo/Bordatella at least two weeks prior to entering Just Happy Hounds, and be intestinal parasite free.

4.   All vaccine and intestinal parasite programs must be Veterinary recommended and confirmed two weeks before entry to Just Happy Hounds.

In the best interest of you as our client or prospective client, Just Happy Hounds continues to hold to high standards of care because we love ’em like you do!