Reiki for Your Dog

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of natural healing. The word comes from two Japanese words: Rei and Ki, which together mean “Universal Life Force Energy.” There are many energy healing modalities, and Reiki is just one system.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki works through the body to balance energy flow to help relieve the body of stress and pain so that the body is better able to heal. When the body’s energy is not balanced (e.g., when there is too much energy, not enough, or it’s “stuck”), there are often physical, mental, and emotional manifestations of that imbalance. Balancing the energy helps to relieve the body of these symptoms.

How does Reiki work?

The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the energy. Energy passes through the practitioner’s hands to move and balance the energy body of the client. The practitioner’s hands can be on or just off the client’s body. It works over clothing and coverings, or even from a distance, if needed in certain circumstances.

Reiki goes where it is needed. The person receiving Reiki is not taking energy from the practitioner, and the practitioner is not giving their own energy to the client. The practitioner is attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy that surrounds us all, and simply acts as a conduit for that healing energy to come into the body for the highest good.

Does Reiki work on dogs?

Reiki works on all living things – people, animals, plants – because we are all forms of energy and we are all connected. Dogs, cats, and horses particularly seem to enjoy a Reiki session because it can help them process the energy they pick up from us, as their guardians/owners. Dogs are incredibly sensitive to the energy of their person. The more anxious the person is, the more anxious the dog is. Whether your dog needs to calm down to be more receptive to training, or whether your dog just doesn’t have much opportunity to exercise, Reiki can help relieve some of that anxiety. If your dog is in pain due to a chronic condition or due to recovery from medical treatment, Reiki can help relieve some of that pain naturally as a compliment to other forms of treatment.

What can I expect from a Reiki session?

Persons receiving Reiki may feel heat or cold from the practitioner’s hands, but most often, most people simply feel very relaxed and rested during the session and for a period of time afterwards. Some people are able to release some pent up emotions during this time.

Some dogs may start out standing away from the practitioner, especially if the person is unknown to the dog and the dog is particularly anxious. But as the session progresses, dogs will often move closer to the practitioner, sometimes lying or sitting so that the practitioner can place his or her hands on the area of the body where the dog wants to receive the energy.

Can my dog and I both receive Reiki?

Yes. Some people have enjoyed holding their dog in their lap or lying next to their dog while receiving Reiki. The energy shared between pet and guardian increases that loving bond.

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