Puppy Preschool Classes

Puppy Preschool Classes

Get your puppy started on the right paw with early socialization and manners at Just Happy Hounds – Midtown in Birmingham with Puppy Preschool classes.  This class is limited to young puppies (12 weeks to 20 weeks at the start of class).  At this age, puppies will soak up learning when presented in a positive, rewarding way.  Puppies will learn introduction to clicker training, the beginnings of sit, down, stay, walking without pulling on a leash, hey (attention), wait, leave it and come.  You will learn about house training, bite inhibition, and problem solving.  All of your questions about puppy behavior will be answered and puppies will get a chance to socialize – one of the most important factors for a well-behaved, happy dog.  Remember that the habits your puppy learns now are the ones he will have when full-grown, as well.  This is a great time to reward the habits you want to encourage.

Puppy Preschool

Just Happy Hounds announces Puppy Preschool this Saturday, February, 20, 2016 at 12:00 Noon. This is the second class of a six week program | 205.777.3699

Puppies must be 12-20 weeks old at the start of this class.  Classes will meet once a week for six consecutive weeks.  Each class will run approximately 45-60 minutes.  Your dog must have started their vaccination series (including parvo) and not be overdue for the next in the series, and have a negative fecal test.  These actions are important to ensure the safety of all dogs and staff.  A thirty minute strengthening session is highly recommended for all dogs attending puppy preschool.

Puppy Preschool

Just Happy Hounds wants to give your pup the proper foundation for a healthy, happy life.  Please call our office at 205.777.3699 to register for puppy preschool.

Just Happy Hounds has many new exciting training programs planned so visit our website often to stay up to day with what’s new!



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