Pet Parenting Do’s and Don’ts


Pet Parenting Do’s and Don’ts:  A little socializing at a dog park can help you raise a happy and well-adjusted pup.  Here’s how to get the most out of the outing, according to Adam Parker, D.V.M., a veterinarian in Somerville, Mass.

DO START YOUNG – Your (fully immunized) puppy can take his first trip to the dog park at 16 weeks of age, if you get the green light from your vet.  Socializing early can help prevent aggressive or fearful behavior as your dog matures.  Look for small-dog-only parks, to start.

DON’T USE TRAINING COLLARS – Pronged, spiked or choke collars have no place at a dog park.  Other dogs can be injured if a tooth or toe gets caught in them.

DO KNOW YOUR DOG – If your pooch has severe anxiety or fear-based aggression, consult a dog trainer for safe socializing ideas, Parker says.

DO CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PUP – Use the plastic bags provided at most dog parks or bring your own.  Whatever you do, don’t leave evidence of your dog on the ground.

DON’T BRING FOOD OR DRINK – Bringing any type of food – for dogs or people – is a big no-no and a potential fight-starter.

We thought this article written by Heather Donahoe would provide some useful tips for you and your dog.  Doggie Daycare is another important option for an active pup while you are at work or play.  Just Happy Hounds wants you to have happy and healthy pups so insuring that your dog gets plenty of exercise and socializing with other pups is a big part of that.  If you would like to talk to our professional dog trainer about any issue that your pup is having, please call us at 205.777.3699.


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