Nail Caps for Dogs

Introducing Nail Caps for Dogs now available at Just Happy Hounds in our dog grooming department.

Nail Caps for Dogs are the simplest solution to destructive scratching.

Nail Caps for Dogs now available at Just Happy Hounds in our dog grooming department for simplest solution for destructive scratching | 205.419.3300

Soft Nail Caps give your dog a longer-lasting grooming experience while you get protection against scratching.  They protect your dog, your furniture, your floors and you, the owner, against sharp nails.

Nail Caps for Dogs

Nail Caps prevent dogs with skin conditions from injury themselves with hind claws.

They also shield pet lovers with sensitive skin from unintentional, yet very painful scratches.  Also ideal ideal for seniors taking blood-thinning medications.

Nail caps for dogs help your dog maintain their footing on slick surfaces, such as tile or marble floors.

Nail caps are safe for your dog, also, because they are made of non-toxic vinyl which is harmless in the event of inadvertent chewing or swallowing.  They keep nails blunt for up to 8 weeks and fall off naturally due to wear and nail growth.

Avoid overgrown nails by replacing every eight weeks.

Make a fashion statement

Nail Caps for Dogs are available in a variety of sparkle and solid colors.  They prolong the benefits of grooming and keeps your dog’s paws looking great for eight weeks!

Nail Caps for Dogs are a great value at only $15 so call today to schedule!


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