Meet the Dog Trainer

Just Happy Hounds  would like you to meet the dog trainer, Ladale Kennedy.

Just Happy Hounds would like you to meet the dog trainer, Ladale Kennedy who joined our Team in 2016 and has trained dogs for over 20 years | 205.777.3699

Ladale Kennedy Just Happy Hounds Dog Trainer

Ladale joined the Just Happy Hounds Team in 2016.  He began training dogs in the Army and has trained dogs for over 30 years.

Meet the Dog Trainer, Ladale Kennedy!

Ladale has worked with Just Happy Hounds to create a more comprehensive dog training program with all types of obedience training, group and private sessions as well as resort dog training.

Ladale loves dogs and wants each pup to live up to his or her potential.  He and his wife live in Tarrant.

We’re proud to have Ladale Kennedy, Experienced Dog Trainer, as part of the Just Happy Hounds Team!



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