Meet Our Dog Trainer at Just Happy Hounds!

Meet Our Dog Trainer at Just Happy Hounds!

Meet Anthony Moore, our Dog Tainer, at Just Happy Hounds!

Anthony Moore Just Happy Hounds Dog Trainer Birmingham Alabama

Anthony Moore
JHH Dog Trainer

Anthony has been training dogs for over 10 years.  He began working in various veterinary clinics at the age of 13, which sparked his love for dogs and training them.

Anthony has spent years researching and studying each dog breed, their purpose, function, and character traits to gain a better understanding and develop0 a more effective training method for each individual dog.

Anthony began training to better enhance the relationships between owners and their dogs and to train both the owner and dog in an exciting and creative way.  “The payoff for me is being able to see a frustrated owner and a dog that doesn’t understand turn into a happy owner and happy dog.”

Just Happy Hounds offers doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, baths and training.

Anthony wants to be your dog trainer and has openings available for dog training so call 205.419.3300 now to schedule your best friend to take advantage of all of the services from Just Happy Hounds.



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