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With your Just Happy Hounds Doggie Daycare Experience, you should budget at least 20 minutes for your first tour and registration. You can speed up the process by downloading and completing our enrollment documents here:

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There are many questions to be discussed concerning your pets medical and social history.  We will contact your veterinarian to confirm documentation of vaccinations.  This is mandatory for all dogs receiving any services at JUST HAPPY HOUNDS, LLC – Midtown.

A staff member will then take you on a tour of our facility.  You will be encouraged to conduct a “SMELL TEST of our indoor/outdoor areas.

Happy Hounds dogWe love explaining the measures we have taken to reduce odors and airborne germs and viruses.

When the paperwork is out of the way, a handler will take Your Happy hound through a temperament exam.  If you like, you can view the process on our 50 inch monitor in the lobby, while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.  Temperament exams last at least ½ hour.

After your dog has been tested, the handler will assign your pet to a supervised playgroup of like-mannered dogs.

We are open for daycare pick-up and drop-off of your pet from 6AM ‘til 7 PM Monday through Friday.

While at daycare, your dog can be bathed or groomed to go home clean and ready for a nice quiet evening with the family.

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