JHH Policy on UnSpayed and UnNeutered Puppies

Just Happy Hounds loves all baby dogs, but no longer accepts new clients with unneutered or unspayed puppies or dogs over 8 months old effective August 3, 2015 for these reasons:

  • Aggressiveness of the dog
  • Behavior problems
  • Prevent dominant aggression
  • No oops of unwanted pregnancies
  • Health risks of the dog

Dogs that have not been neutered have a higher risk of testicular cancer.  Also, the sooner a dog is neutered or spayed, hormones do not build up in in his or her body so they do not have hormone crashes.

Here are several articles outlining more information about this subject to help you understand the value of having your dog spayed or neutered and our company policy:




Just Happy Hounds will be working with existing clients who have unneutered or unspayed dogs on resolving behavioral issues, etc.  We will be happy to talk with you individually about this policy.

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