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We LOVE testimonials and reviews from our clients, because it gives us a gauge on how we’re doing.  We had a great time with Skyrah on her grooming appointment at Just Happy Hounds and so glad that her Mommy took time to do this review.

Yesterday, I had my precious Skyrah groomed at Just Happy Hounds. Skyrah is a rescue, that had a horrible beginning. She was part of a litter of puppies that teens took a chain saw to. She was the only survivor. After having had over 9 surgeries, losing her leg, and tail, knee replacement our sweet 3 legged dog is doing amazing, other than she has extreme fear of strangers. I tell you this first to say… that yesterday Skyrah did wonderful being groomed and last night she was just her normal happy self at home. Usually after being around strangers, especially being touched, bathed, clipped, nails, etc. she’s very anxious, and stays to herself for several hours after getting home. Not last night she was great. She was actually showing off how pretty she looked. The groomer did an amazing job, best I have ever seen. She was very patient with Skyrah, which was very evident last night. I would like to say thank you to Just Happy Hounds and your wonderful groomer for taking such care of Skyrah yesterday. You will be seeing her again. If you have a dog that needs special care being groomed, and that added touch of love, and patience… plus an amazing groom. Give them a call…you will not be sorry. Also if you need a daycare for your pooch… look no further. This is the place to go. It looks like a real daycare… with amazing handlers, and caregivers not just a vets office with kennels. 
Cheryl Pospy – Skyrah’s Mom

Thanks, Cheryl, for choosing Just Happy Hounds!

Because at Just Happy Hounds…

We love ’em like you do!


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