Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary

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Sarah Mills, General Manager for Just Happy Hounds, has the honor of serving on the Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary this year.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary’s goal is to support the GBHS and their mission to promote the humane treatment of animals and people through education, advocacy, and services.

Raising funds for the GBHSA include the Jazz Cat Ball, Howls & Growls Halloween event and the Community Awards Luncheon.  GBHS Auxiliary members also volunteer at the shelter as well as at the many GBHS events such as Barking For Bucks.

As you know, Sarah has a huge heart for dogs is having a great time serving on the Auxiliary.

Jazz Cat Ball 2016 hosted by Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary

The next major event scheduled is the Jazz Cat Ball coming up February 5, 2016.  Tickets may be purchased through the GBHS website at:

Please get your tickets now and don’t miss this exciting annual event!


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