On Your First Visit

The Registration Process

Your dog's registration at Just Happy Hounds is a two-step, comprehensive process designed to provide a safe and rewarding experience for you and your pup. To save you some time, you may click either of the buttons below and register yourself and your pup. A staff member will review and discuss the information that you provide, and confirm inoculation information with your veterinarian.

Temperament Testing

The next step is your dog's temperament test, which will help to determine his or her appropriate play group placement. You may leave your pup with us for a full day of daycare at NO-CHARGE.  Temperament tests are done Monday thru Thursday, and your baby will need to be at Just Happy Hounds before 9:30 AM.  Keep in mind, temperament testing takes a little while because dogs may react differently when they're tired, hungry, around other dogs – even around different handlers.  We take the time to get this right for the sake of other dogs, and your own.  We want them to all get along and this testing helps to make sure they do!

Subsequent check-ins for daycare, boarding, or other services are instantaneous.

We're more than a safe & happy place for your dog because dogs have so much fun at Just Happy Hounds Dog Day Care Center in Birmingham Alabama!
Play Groups at Just Happy Hounds

Just Happy Hounds is a 10,000 square foot facility, including three indoor playgrounds and one outdoor playground.  To promote physical activity and prevent K-9 boredom, the pups rotate through the 4 different play areas throughout the day.

All dogs are temperament tested and placed in appropriate groups by temperament, size and special needs.  Smaller groups allow for closer supervision.

We've purposefully designed our facility for smaller play groups because we believe this plan works better for the dogs.

We do not leave dogs unattended.  Staff is assigned throughout our facility to care for all dogs to insure their fun and safety at all times.
(Please note that Just Happy Hounds cannot accept puppies or dogs older than 8 months that have not been spayed or neutered.)

Our goal is to send your dog home as a tired and happy pup!

We look forward to meeting your dog very soon!