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Are there any breeds you will not take?
We do not discriminate as to breed. Every new canine is given a temperament test at the time of enrollment.  We also confirm inoculations with your vet office and get background information on your dog’s previous behavior.

What is a typical schedule for the pet?
Once we have completed the screening process, daycare visitors spend 90% of their visit interacting with a group of compatible pals.  Handlers are present in all group play, and the guests rotate among four different play areas, including our outdoor playground. 

What attention will my dog get when I board at Just Happy Hounds; even on weekends?
Dog Boarders enjoy the same attention that doggie daycare clients enjoy so they get plenty of fun and play, socialization with other dogs and snacks.

If my pet needs medication during the day can you handle this?
Yes, we can customize care for your dog when visiting for daycare, boarding, grooming or training.

What are the procedures when a pet gets out of hand?
If Fido is too vocal, or too rambunctious, we first spritz them with a spray bottle.  If that does not calm them, they are probably in for a little time out while watching their friends play.  It’s as effective on dogs as it is on children.

Do you discipline pets for bad behavior, what are the procedures?
Time out, and a conference with owners about the need for obedience training is initiated.  If dogs threaten others, or humans, we may consider suspension.

Do you have a dog trainer on staff?
We do have trainers on staff and encourage you to schedule a consult to discuss your training goals.

What are the procedures for emergencies?
Although we do not perform medical treatment at JHH, we often have a Vet (to ensure quality control) and two Vet Techs to evaluate illness or injuries, and emergency response for your dog.  We work with you to determine emergency response at time of enrollment.

What type of training do you have for your staff?
All our employees have experience at Vet clinics, daycare and boarding facilities, or animal shelters.  Our staff has over 65 years’ experience in pet care.

What vaccinations do you require before accepting pets?
We confirm Rabies, Distemper Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations.

Why would all pups be required to complete a temperament test and vaccination confirmation before admission to JUST HAPPY HOUNDS, even for a bath or groom?
When your dog is a member here, we’re sure that you will want all newcomers to be properly vetted before entry.  Many canine illnesses are spread through the air.  That’s why we have our enhanced ventilation system and verify medical records.

Do you offer half a day or a few hours if I need you in an emergency?
We do not schedule partial days for daycare. Our daycare hours are 6AM till 7 PM, Monday thru Friday. We have staff here 7 days a week and pick up/drop off hours on the week-end.

What if my puppy hasn’t been neutered or spayed?
For a variety of reasons, Just Happy Hounds no longer accepts puppies or dogs older than 8 months that have not been spayed or neutered for new or existing clients.

When boarding my puppy, is there a certain time that I need to check-in or out?
When you schedule your boarding appointment, we will be happy to coordinate check-in and check-out times.  Normal check out time is anytime in the morning until Noon.  If you will not be able to pick up your puppy by Noon, you may schedule a daycare day for your pup to be taken care of after Noon.


Please note:  For the safety of your pets and others, all dog owners must be 15 years old or older to check in or check-out/pick up dogs.

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