Detailed Resort Dog Training II

Detailed Resort Dog Training I is Level One - Phase three Practice Phase three week Resort & Boarding Dog Training Program at Just Happy Hounds - Midtown

Our Detailed Resort Dog Training II (DTP II) is Level Two – Phase Four Prooofing Phase four week boarding program with our Resort & Boarding Dog Training Programs at Just Happy Hounds, LLC – Midtown.

While in the four week Detailed Resort Dog Training II Program, we will focus on reliable behaviors like sit, down, stand, wait, hey (attention), walking on a loose leash, leave it, take-it, heel and come in addition to long distance recall, sit and down on a recall and moving commands.

We will also focus on basic canine/owner respect, trust and love issues as well as owner specific needs.  Introduction to concrete commands (stay becomes obsolete).

When completing this program, your dog will be in the practice phase of his or her dog training education. Four thirty minute strengthening sessions are included in the Detailed Resort Dog Training II – Level Two Program.

Detailed Resort Dog Training II

Each dog/owner will have a respect transference session at the conclusion of the boarding period.  Each lesson must be scheduled and will run approximately 30-45 minutes.

This Resort & Boarding Dog Training Programs include 6 dog training sessions per day, boarding and doggie daycare along with a bath at the end of your stay.

Our goal is for your pup to be all he or she can be.  To schedule your pup’s Detailed Resort Dog Training II appointment or for more information, please call us at 205.777.3699.



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