It’s always play time at Just Happy Hounds.  Play time is what your dog wants.  It’s what you want.  And we believe it’s the most important part of a dog’s day.  So we make socializing fun, safe and appropriate for every dog.  Like two-legged animals, each dog has his or her own idea of what a “relaxing day of play” actually means.  So, we start with temperament testing for each guest and then consider other factors like age, size and personality in order to schedule play time that’s actually fun for everyone.   Some dogs are more social and love the company of our other guests while other dogs prefer some quiet time to simply relax.  You can even help us determine what’s best for your furry friend.  Either way, every pup enjoys a safe, happy and appropriately active day at Just Happy Hounds. 

Benefits of Daycare
  • All new pups must go through a temperament test before introduction into a play group.  Play groups are always supervised by JHH staff.
  • Handlers observe the dog’s bad habits and possible health problems that the owners may not yet recognize.
  • Most of our guests play about 85% of the time that they are at JHH for daycare; so, at the end of the workday, most dogs go home as tired as their owner.
  • This activity can result in doggie weight control and better cardiovascular health for your pup.
  • The JHH staff has over 65 years professional experience with canines.
  • Convenient 6 AM to 7 PM Daycare hours on week days.
  • 8 AM to 1 PM Daycare hours on Saturday.
  • They can be trained, bathed, groomed, or dyed for special events and holidays.
  • A trip to Just Happy Hounds for daycare is a treat for you and your dog. Shopping, work, travel, doctor visits, guests/parties in your home, house cleaning and construction.
  • Your dog will love you (even more) for it and you won’t feel guilty about leaving them alone!