Bathing & Grooming

Baths are always fun at JUST HAPPY HOUNDS.

Dog-Grooming-puppy bath-Just-Happy-Hounds

From a bath to full service dog grooming, JUST HAPPY HOUNDS is ready to pamper your dog.  Our experienced groomers will provide a delightful experience for your best friend.

Full service baths include ears cleaned, nails trimmed and glands done.  Dog grooming includes bath, toenails trim, ear hair removal, express glands, hair cut with choice of basic or deluxe groom.  Add-on services include teeth brushing, massage, color enhancing treatment, custom color, dremel nails, sparkling nail caps, facial treatment and deep conditioning treatment.  From high and tight to long-hair rock ‘n roll types . Just Happy Hounds is ready to treat your dog to a day of pampering with a doggie spa day.

Appointments required. Our dog groomer is usually here Tuesday through Friday – 7:00 AM until…Please call for appointments. plan to come early!

Call us today at 205.777.3699.


I have seen several pictures lately where people have had their dogs groomed at different places and their dogs have been cut, hurt and actually blood has been drawn. There is only place that I allow to groom my dogs… that is Just Happy Hounds… My Skyrah has been to other groomers, and has come back scared to death, and with a horrible hack job. When I take her to the groomers at Just Happy Hounds she comes back all happy, relaxed, and actually acts like a Diva. She will never go any place else.